Formalwear Outlet's Retail Clearance Center in Hillsborough stocks over 5,000 tuxedo jackets plus pants, shirts, ties, vests, cummerbunds, studs, cufflinks, shoes & more.

All instock items are for purchase.

Gentlemen, own your tuxedo for less than a rental.
Purchase a complete Tuxedo Package including Jacket, Pants, Shirt, Vest, Tie, Studs and Cufflinks for just $115.

Pricing for Tuxedo Seperates
Designer Tuxedo Jackets (Boy's 12-18, Men's 34-70)$59
Wool Tuxedo Pants$35
Wing & Laydown Collar Tuxedo Shirts$10
New Tuxedo Shirts$25-$35
Children's Tuxedo Package (Sizes 3 to 10)$69
Tuxedo Shoes$25
Vest & Tie Sets$25
New Black Cummerbund & Tie Sets$15
New Colorful Cummerbund & Bow Tie Sets$25-$30
New Camo Cummerbund & Bow Tie Sets$38
Economy Stud & Cufflink Sets$6
Boxed Stud & Cufflink Sets$20-$35
New Boxed Masonic Cufflinks$25
New Bow Ties$5-$10
New Self-tie Bow Ties$15-$25
Pre-Tied Long Ties$5
Top Hats$42.95 - $95
Black Dress Socks$4
Men's Colorful Socks$6

Tuxedo Jackets and Pants are 100% Wool. Items from rental stock are in excellent condition.