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How to measure for a Tuxedo or Suit

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When buying a Tuxedo or Suit it is important to accurately determine your sizes to get the best fit. It is not like getting a t-shirt where you basically have to choose between small, medium or large. If you are unable to come in to our store to try on your tuxedo please use these guidelines to choose your sizes. To learn how to take the measurements properly, we've put together this resource. Measuring the chest area, overarm, neck size, waist size, pant length and sleeve length are all necessary to get a well fitting tuxedo. In addition, you should have another individual take these measurements for you. A friend or loved one will be able to give you a far more accurate length, and you will not have to worry about accidentally measuring something incorrectly. Make sure that the person measuring you holds the tape measure straight and tight. When in doubt please do not hesitate to contact us for assistance.

When possible you may want to consider visiting a Men’s Formal Wear store in your area and request a courtesy measurement to ensure accuracy of measurements. For assistance finding an independent Men’s Formal Wear store in your area visit For your convenience we have also provide these measuring guidelines that you can follow to determine your sizes.

Please keep in mind the fit of a Tuxedo may vary slightly from one Designer to another and depend on whether the style is a Classic, Modern or Slim Fit. Please be advised we use the guidelines everyday to correctly fit tuxedos. Occasionally alterations will be necessary to get a more tailored fit.

1) To determine the Jacket size 3 measurements are typically taken in to account - Chest Size, Overarm and Height.

1a) Chest Size
Place measuring tape under arms and measure around the broadest part of the chest, just under the arm pits.
Arms should be relaxed at the side. For a traditional fit you will add 2 to this number and you will have your Jacket size.
For example a 38″ chest measurement would require a 40 Jacket. For a more fitted style you may choose the chest measurement without the addition of 2 inches.
How to measure your chest for a Tuxedo - Formalwear Outlet

1b) Overarm
With arms down to the side, place measuring tape around the broadest part of the chest and shoulders making sure to keep the tape measure level. This measurement is especially necessary to determine jacket size for someone who is particularly broad shouldered.
Subtract 7 from this number to assist in determining Jacket size.
For example 47″ Overarm minus 7 is a size 40 Jacket.

For a broad shouldered man use the Overarm measurement first in determining Jacket size
How to measure your overarm for a Tuxedo - Formalwear Outlet

1c) Jacket Length
Jacket lengths range from Short, Regular, Long, and Extra Long.
The following list shows height ranges that generally coincide with the appropriate length jacket.
Keep in mind some people have a longer torso, and others have longer legs. These may cause variations
in the necessary jacket length. Also, be aware that some jacket lengths may vary depending on style and designer.

Short 5’0 – 5’8
Regular 5’8 – 5’11
Long 6’0 – 6’4
Extra Long 6’4 +

2) To determine the Shirt size you should measure the Neck size and Sleeve Length

2a) Neck Size

Measure around the neck where a shirt’s collar would be buttoned.
Measure with one to two fingers between the tape measure and the neck to determine the neck size for the tuxedo shirt or you
can measure as we have without any fingers in between the neck and tape measure and add 1/2″ to the measured size.
The Shirt size for the example shown would be 16″
How to measure your Neck Size for a Tuxedo Shirt - Formalwear Outlet

Small fits a 14″ – 14 1/2″ Neck Size
Medium fits 15″ – 15 1/2″ Neck Size
Large fits 16″ – 16 1/2″ Neck Size
X-Large fits 17″ – 17 1/2″ Neck Size
2XL fits 18″ – 18 1/2″ Neck Size

2b) Sleeve Length

Place the tape measure at the base of the neck centered on the spine.
How to measure your Sleeve Length for a Tuxedo Shirt - Formalwear Outlet

Tape measure must go from the center back over the top of the shoulder, down to the point of the elbow and then down the arm to approximately one inch past the wrist bone. It is best to measure a little longer than shorter if you are between sizes.
How to measure your Sleeve Length for a Tuxedo Shirt - Formalwear Outlet

Sleeve Lengths come in sizes 30/31, 32/33, 34/35, 36/37 and 38/39. The taller the person the longer the sleeve will likely be.

3) Pant size

3a) Waist Size

Wrap a tape measure over a shirt around your waist at the height you usually wear dress slacks. Tuxedo pants are made to be worn at the natural waist (your navel). Keep one finger between tape and body. You do not want these pants to be baggy in the waist or length.

FYI: Many of the tuxedo pants that we offer are adjustable in the waist between 3 sizes at set intervals (27″-29″, 30″-32″, 33″-35″, 36″ – 38″, etc.) however, some styles come as a fixed waist size only.
How to measure your  Waist Size for Tuxedo Pants - Formalwear Outlet

3b) Pant Length
Measure your outseam from the top of the waist band to the bottom of the hem on a pair of dress slacks or pants that fit you well.
How to measure your  Outseam for Tuxedo Pants - Formalwear Outlet

You will be looking for the length that allows for a slight break on the top of the shoe and for the pants to stop just above the heel in the back. As you can see the measurement here is 42 inches.
How to measure your  Outseam for Tuxedo Pants - Formalwear Outlet

**Keep in mind some tuxedos that we offer may come with pants that have been hemmed and we make sure there is adequate length in the pants selected for you, however upon receipt of your Tuxedo you will most likely need to have your pants tailored to shorten or lengthen the hem to be the right length for you. Other styles may come with pants that are long and unhemmed and you will have them hemmed to your specific length once you have confirmed the tuxedo you have selected is the size that fits you best.

Do keep in mind All measurements should be taken in inches as shown.

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