What events require you to wear a tuxedo?

When is a Tuxedo the appropriate choice?

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When Is a Tuxedo The Appropriate Choice for an Event?

When giving thought to dapper, iconic icons, James Bond comes to mind. With his debonair looks, this sophisticated super spy donned perfectly fitted tuxedos for most of his films. That iconic image brings with it associations of confidence, strength, and elegance, all labels anyone would be delighted to have applied to them. The right tuxedo can have this impact on any wearer, and there are a range of tuxedos for sale ideal for any event that can be custom fitted to your body for a look that just can’t be perfected with a rental. But which events are appropriate for a tuxedo? 

What Are the Differences Between a Suit and a Tuxedo?

There are several physical differences between the two, where a tuxedo, traditionally would have satin on the lapel fronts and button covers with a satin stripe down the sides of the pants and then a suit would be of the same fabric with no outstanding elements in the design. You can also find differences in the types of accessories worn; a tuxedo is typically worn with a bow tie and a cummerbund or perhaps a vest and long tie. A suit is normally worn with a long tie and does not require a vest. Tuxedos are typically worn with a shiny patent leather style shoe as opposed to a more informal matte shoe worn with a suit. Read more about the differences between suits and tuxedos here.

When Do You Wear a Tuxedo?

Weddings, proms, stage performance along with other formal events is where a tuxedo will usually be worn. The main reason for wearing a tuxedo to an event is to show that the event is so special that you need to wear clothing that is reserved for special occasions. For these types of special occasions, many men would rather rent a tuxedo rather than buy one but you may want to consider the latter and have it customized so you look your very best.

What Styles Are Available?

Style variations are available in the color, lapel style, and contrasting fabric (that silk trim already mentioned). The more traditional tuxedo will be a black color but these days tuxedos in other colors are becoming more popular depending on the occasion. One popular choice is a tuxedo in midnight blue which for some is as classic as a white dinner jacket. A notched or peaked lapel may be more traditional however the shawl style is becoming more and more popular with no notches or peaks, only a straight line from the bottom to the top.

How Do I Choose?

Tuxedo buying can be a stress filled experience. Given that tuxedos are not worn often, the average shopper doesn’t necessarily know what to look for. Even James Bond has a personal preference of midnight blue for his tuxedos then again black seems to be a safe color choice for people who find themselves unsure of what color to go with. If well executed, any color may be striking but nevertheless risky. The peaked lapel is regarded as the most traditional option of the three, with a notched lapel resembling a suit lapel and the shawl lapel being a bit more fashion forward. Fashion accessories can safely be matched to any tuxedo color, or they can be matched to the color theme of the celebration you are attending, like the colors of a wedding, or red for Valentine’s Day. When it really comes down to it, the most important aspect of your tuxedo is the fit. The very best accessory you can buy for the tux is to have an experienced tailor fitting it to you.

Tuxedos really are a classic piece of men’s formal wear, and it is well worth the investment to have a well-tailored08 tux and accessories in your closet for the next formal event. Visit Formalwear Outlet at 415 Millstone Drive Hillsborough, NC 27278 or online at www.formalwearoutlet.com and you’ll be perfectly dressed for any formal occasion.

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